I am being bullied. What can I do?

Please note

It is not be possible for a complaint of harassment or bullying to be pursued formally until and unless the person complained about is aware of the substance of the complaint and, normally, the identity of the person or persons making the complaint.

All students have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to operate in an environment free from harassment and bullying. The University will take whatever action is appropriate and feasible against those who harass or bully. Full details of the University's policy on bullying and harassment can be found in the Student Anti-Harassment Policy.

Any student experiencing harassment or bullying may seek confidential advice from the Student Wellbeing Service or the Students’ Union Advice Centre. Advisers will talk through your grievance and outline your options. They will agree a course of action with you and no action will be taken without your express agreement. If requested, an Adviser from the Students' Union Advice Centre can assist you in making an informal approach to the person whose behaviour is causing offence and try to mediate between you. 

If you decide to pursue a formal complaint through the University's Student Complaint’s Procedure, the Advice Centre can provide advice, guidance and support with this process.