How can I give feedback or make a complaint?


We recognise there will be things you'd like to tell the University when major surveys aren't running, or there may be issues you need to an immediate response to. There are lots of ways you can do this:

For feedback relating directly to your course, please contact your course leader or your student course rep.

For feedback relating to any aspect of Libraries or Student Support

For feedback relating to Facilities Directorate (accommodation, catering, childcare, cleaning, customer services, estates, events, maintenance, portering, printing, security, sport and timetabling) please complete this form or a comments card you'll find at every outlet.

For feedback relating to Digital Technology Services (IT), please visit


It is recognised that in a complex organisation problems may arise of a teaching or service-related nature.

You are encouraged to raise any issues of dissatisfaction at an early stage so that they can be dealt with effectively.

For complaints relating to your course, please refer to the Student Complaints Policy and Procedure.

We have created a short poster/infographic which summarises the complaints procedure:

A summary of the complaints procedure. Step 1 is resolving with a member of staff. If not satisfied, submit a stage 1 complaint form. Finally submit a stage 2 complaint form if still not satisfied