Accessing marks via the Blackboard App

You can view your marks for assessments completed or submitted in Blackboard via the Blackboard App once they are made available by your tutors.

You can access marks in two ways using the Blackboard App:

1. The ‘Marks’ tab on the Blackboard App menu.

The ‘Marks’ tab on the Blackboard App menu

2. ‘Current Mark’ item at the top of each site page.

‘Current Mark’ item at the top of each site page

Note: you must be logged in to Blackboard to view any assessment feedback.

To open attached feedback files or view feedback given to you using a Feedback Rubric you will need to use a desktop or mobile browser.

Why are some assignment marks in grey?

This simply means that these types of assessments (such as group assignments or a mark for a written exam) are not supported by the Blackboard App, and there is no clickable feedback link for these assessments.

Why do I see ‘no current marks’?

Don’t worry, this feature may not have been set up by your tutors. Marks for each assessment should still be visible.

For further help with accessing your marks, please speak to your course/module leader.

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