Exam venues

You can also access a list of exam venues via SHUgo.

City Campus

Exams take place in many different buildings on City Campus, and in many different rooms; if you are not familiar with City Campus please use the campus map to find the correct building. The exact rooms will be signposted.

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Sports Hall, Pearson Building

Access via Broomgrove Road. Wait at the double doors into the green corrugated building. The Sports Hall will be signposted.

Postcode: S10 2NA

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Gymnasium, Pearson Building

Access via Heart of the Campus reception. Enter the building, turn left and follow the signs to the Gym.

Postcode: S10 2BQ

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Ponds Forge

Arrive at Ponds Forge through the main entrance and wait in Reception.

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Philadelphia Centre

Trams run from the city centre or railway station towards Malin Bridge or Middlewood; get off at the Infirmary Road stop.

The exam venues are on Cross Gilpin Street, parallel to Infirmary Road. There are two exam rooms, Teaching Hall and Conference Centre; make sure you go to the right one.

Postcode: S6 3BL

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