Exam venues

You can also access a list of exam venues via SHUgo.

City Campus

Exams take place in many different buildings on City Campus, and in many different rooms; if you are not familiar with City Campus please use the campus map to find the correct building. The exact rooms will be signposted.

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Sports Hall, Pearson Building

Access via Broomgrove Road. Wait at the double doors into the green corrugated building. The Sports Hall will be signposted.

Postcode: S10 2NA

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Gymnasium, Pearson Building

Access via Heart of the Campus reception. Enter the building, turn left and follow the signs to the Gym.

Postcode: S10 2BQ

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Ponds Forge

Arrive at Ponds Forge through the main entrance and wait in Reception.

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Platinum Suite, Bramall Lane

Arrive in the main car park at Bramall Lane (please note that car parking is unlikely to be available) and wait outside the Platinum Suite.

Bramall lane is a 10 minute walk from the nearest tram stop and also accessible by bus.

Postcode: S2 4SU

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