What happens if I miss a coursework deadline?

If you have any concerns about completing your coursework on time due to ill health or difficult personal circumstances you must speak to your Student Support Adviser. They will advise you about requesting an extension to a coursework submission deadline (RESD). This request must normally be submitted at least 24 hours before the deadline date together with a copy of any uncompleted work and documentary evidence of your circumstances.

Coursework submitted within one working day (24 hours) of the deadline date and time without an authorised extension will receive a mark capped at the minimum pass mark. Coursework submitted beyond that time without an authorised extension will not be classed as a valid attempt and will receive a zero mark. The assessment task will be referred (if at first submission) or failed (if at referral submission). If you are submitting up to 24 hours after the deadline without an approved extension, you can notify us of any extenuating circumstances via the RESD process in My Student Record. You must do this within 24 hours of the deadline.

If you have a general problem with prioritising, or working under pressure, Study Support can help you to develop practical ways of managing your time and workload.