What if I’ve passed but have had a RRAA accepted?

Extra assessment support is currently in place to ensure students achieve fair assessment outcomes. Fair Outcome Fail Safes have been developed to provide support against the impact of the Covid pandemic and other extenuating circumstances.

If you have a RRAA that has been accepted you may want to take the opportunity to repeat the assessment for the task(s) affected to try and improve your mark.

At the point that the University has published your final mark, you will have 3 working days to tell us that you want to take the assessment task(s) again. 

You should think about what improvement would be required to make a difference to your overall outcome. Please note that foundation year and level 4 marks do not contribute to your degree classification (see degree calculators). If you are a final year student, please note that taking assessments or exams again may delay the production of your award certificate and for Health students your ability to apply to enter your professional register.

If you do repeat a task on a module that you have already passed, the higher of the two marks will be awarded.

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