Can I sit my examinations elsewhere?

All examinations should take place at Sheffield Hallam University, but it is recognised that in a very few exceptional circumstances students may be permitted to take resit examinations overseas during the reassessment period. Applications to sit exams abroad will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • An employment opportunity which is relevant to your course (certified by a letter of employment)
  • Certified exceptional circumstances (which result in students being unable to sit exams at Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Engaged in certified, active military service that requires them to be away from SHU
  • Representing a home nation at an international sporting event

Please note:

  • It is not possible to sit an exam for any accredited course off campus
  • The University's examination service cannot guarantee to arrange an overseas exam venue and sitting in time. Where this occurs students will be advised to contact their Student Support Officer to explore the options available.
  • Only exams in the reassessment period will be considered.

All applications will require independent evidence of the reason stated, e.g. proof of representation at a sporting event.

Should you submit an application form with 'certified exceptional circumstance', your application and supporting evidence will be reviewed at a panel meeting and a decision will be made based solely on the information that has been provided. For examples of the types of evidence to supply please refer to the guidance on submitting a Request To Repeat An Assessment Attempt.

How to apply

Only students who meet one of the four valid circumstances above should complete the application form.

  • The deadline for undergraduates submitting an application is 9am, Tuesday 27th June 2017. Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by the University Examination Service. You will be notified by email of the result by 28th June 2017
  • The deadline for postgraduates submitting an application is 9am, Tuesday 1st August 2017. Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by the University Examination Service. You will be notified by email of the result by 3rd August 2017

If your application is approved, the University Examination Service will then attempt to make the necessary arrangements for your examination. Please note that an approved application does not guarantee that we will be able to make the arrangements in time. If all arrangements are made, you will receive a confirmation email. If your application is rejected you will be advised to contact your Student Support Officer to seek guidance on the options available.

How much will it cost?

Students sitting examinations abroad will be charged a £200 administration fee by Sheffield Hallam University. This is in addition to any costs charged by the host institution.

Host Institutions

Examinations held overseas must be held in a location approved by Sheffield Hallam University:

  • for English speaking countries this would be an appropriate university or higher education institute
  • for non-English speaking countries this would be the appropriate British Council office - you can obtain a list of offices from

Both may charge an exam hosting fee which you will be responsible for. If you have any questions about sitting your exams overseas please email

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