I am deaf and cannot hear fire alarms, what should I do?

Deaf Alerter is a radio-based emergency fire alarm and messaging system for deaf and hard of hearing people. You can borrow a Deaf Alerter from Disabled Student Support.

When a fire alarm sounds, Deaf Alerter Pagers alert you as to which building the fire alarm is sounding in, so you know whether to evacuate or not. 

The system operates in most buildings of the University. It is operating in all the connected buildings at City Campus, the new and refurbished buildings and most of Collegiate Crescent Campus' buildings. The University aims to have the Deaf Alerter system in all of its buildings in the not too distant future.

Anyone who has a Deaf Alerter Pager automatically receives a message if they are in a building where the system operates and a fire alarm is sounding. This means visitors who have not borrowed one from the University, but have their own pager, also have access to the system.

The logo (right) will be displayed at the entrances to any building which operates the system.

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