Fire safety for disabled students

What is a PEEP?

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is an individual plan tailored to the needs of a person who cannot get themselves out of a building unaided during an emergency situation. It will define the route the person is likely to take and any other assistance that is available.

A PEEP is most applicable to individuals with mobility issues, such as wheelchair users and individuals who use walking sticks or crutches. It could also include individuals with visual impairment.

Refuge point sign

What to do if the fire alarm sounds

If the fire alarm is continuous, you must get out of the building via the nearest exit. Please familiarise yourself with the exits in the buildings you will be using.

If the alarm is intermittent (City campus only) you do not have to leave the building, but it may be worth leaving the building in case it becomes continuous.

If you can get out of the building (even if this is slowly) please do so:

  • Do NOT use any lifts
  • Wait until most people have left, then begin to use the stairs
  • Go to the assembly point (fire information signs on corridors will tell you where this is)

If you cannot get out, such as if you cannot use the stairs:

  • Do NOT use any lifts
  • Go to the nearest refuge - usually at the top of stairs or in a lift lobby
  • Let someone responsible know you are there e.g. a member of staff. Ask them to tell a fire marshal when they get out of the building.
  • Use the communication system in the refuge (see below). You can also ring Security directly using your mobile on 0114 2252888 / 0114 2252000

Disabled refuges

At the top of most main stairs there are refuges that have fire protection. Most contain a refuge communication system. To use this:

  • Press the button and wait for a response (don't worry if this is not straight away)
  • The system goes straight through to University Security
  • In most cases this is a false alarm so you will be advised to remain where you are

Evacuation chairs

In the highly unusual event that you must get out of the building but cannot use the stairs, all of the University's buildings now have evacuation chairs.

All University Security staff are trained how to use these and can transfer you down the stairs and out of the building.

If you would like a more personalised and detailed plan, which looks specifically at the buildings which you are likely to use on your course, then please contact us