What is a learning contract and how do I get one?

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A learning contract is Sheffield Hallam University's way of recording what adjustments you need as a result of your disability or condition. Once you agree, this document is shared with relevant staff in the University. It will not be shared with anyone outside the university without your permission. Your learning contract is relevant to Sheffield Hallam University only and is not a legal document.

There are a number of ways to get a learning contract:

  • Apply for Disabled Students Allowances and attend a Study Needs Assessment. This is the best way because it provides full support
  • Attend a guidance appointment. Sometimes we will meet students before they have applied for DSA, or whilst they are applying and will put support in place until they can get their Study Needs Assessment
  • Basic learning contract. Sometimes we will send a basic learning contract, just so that some support is in place whilst the student applies for DSAs

Your learning contact can change as you go through university for a number of reasons; you may have a new condition, or your condition may change or some recommended support may not work. Contact us if you need to change your learning contract.

Please read your learning contract carefully - it lists what staff need to do to help you, but also says what you need to do. You can view your current learning contract on My Student Record.

Find out more about learning contracts in our leaflet.

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