Negotiating extended coursework deadlines for disability-related reasons

Please note that these guidelines only apply if you have a learning contract that allows extended deadlines for coursework for disability-related reasons. If you do not have the allowance for extended deadlines and you need an extension for disability related reasons you should:
  • Speak to your Faculty Student Services team. Contact details are available via your faculty helpdesk on the My SHU tab
  • Contact Disabled Student Support to talk about creating/amending your learning contract

Check your learning contract.

Contact your Faculty Student Services team to request the extended deadline as soon as you are sure that you will not be able to submit your work before the original deadline date, and with at least 24 hour's notice. They will ask you about:

  • the progress you have made so far with the assignment (you should bring your work to date to any appointments)
  • how you may be using any support you have been recommended
  • how much extra time you need
  • your overall workload, relating to all the modules you are taking.

You can discuss the length of time you need to complete your work; this will normally be up to 2 weeks after the original deadline. Your Faculty Student Services team will work with you to agree to a course of action which will be in your best interests, taking into account your workload across all the modules you are taking. They will need to liaise with your Module Leader if any further time is needed and the agreed extended deadline date will be logged.

Before requesting an extended deadline...

The University still expects you to take time to plan your work carefully for each published assessment deadline for your course and to try and submit all work on time. The University expects that you will request an extended deadline only once you are sure you will not be able to submit your work on time, despite your best efforts, or on the specific advice of a DSA Study Skills Tutor or Mentor.

What if I have been recommended a support worker, e.g. mentor or study skills tutor?

The University knows that if you have been recommended a support worker you will do better if you work with them regularly. It therefore expects that you will stay in contact with your support worker and the support worker team throughout your course. We also expect that you will make your support worker aware of your assessment deadlines and work with them in planning towards your deadlines.

What should I do if I still cannot submit by my extended deadline?

It may be possible to further extend your coursework deadline, including into the next assessment period. This can only be done once for each assessment task. You should contact your Faculty Student Services team again as soon as possible and with at least 24 hours notice to discuss your position. You need to be aware that there are limits to the length of time it is possible to delay the submission of your work, depending upon each module and the nature of your assignment. Your Faculty Student Services team will provide you with advice and, if necessary, liaise with Disabled Student Support and your module leader.

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