Requesting another exam sit for disability-related reasons

If you DO NOT have the allowance for another exam sit in your learning contract and you experience disability-related difficulties in an exam you should:
  • Speak to your Faculty Student Services team about completing a Request Repeat Assessment Attempt (RRAA)
  • Contact Disabled Student Support to talk about creating/amending your learning contract

Please note that these guidelines only apply if you have a learning contract that allows for another exam sit for disability-related reasons. Check your learning contract.

If your disability significantly affects your performance

Try to complete your exam if you can. Sometimes students do better than they think, even in difficult circumstances.

Contact your Faculty Student Services team within 5 working days of your exam(s) if you think that your disability has significantly affected your exam performance. They will talk with you about the option to have another opportunity to sit your exam(s) without penalty.

If you need to know your marks before requesting another exam sit

Contact your Faculty Student Services team again within 2 working days of receiving your exam mark(s) to confirm that you do / do not wish to take the exam(s) again.

Which mark counts if you take the exam again but do worse the second time?

Your second exam mark will be your final exam mark and it will stand, even if this is lower than your first attempt.

If you encounter further disability-related difficulties at a second exam attempt, but pass the module, your module pass mark will stand.

If you do not pass the module at your second attempt, you should contact your Faculty Student Services team to discuss your situation. Standard assessment regulations will apply, subject to any exemptions for specified courses. This means that you will be referred and the referral exam will be capped at 40% (50% for level 7 modules) (or failed, if you are already at a referral attempt).