What should I do if the support for my exams is not in place?

If you have a learning contract in place by the publication deadline, the University should be able to accommodate your support arrangements. Unfortunately if you haven't received your learning contract by this date it may not be possible to accommodate your recommended support.

Should the University be unable to put your exam support arrangements in place, please sit your exam anyway. If afterwards you feel that you did not perform to the best of your ability because the recommended support was not in place, please contact your Student Support Officer to arrange for you to take the exam again later in the year with the recommended support in place. You will not be penalised for this and will receive the full mark for the exam. If your mark is lower than your initial attempt at the exam, then your initial (higher) mark will be used to calculate the overall module mark.

Do I have to resit the exam?

If you are a level 4 student, you may consider that a request to undertake a deferral may not be helpful to you as many first year exams do not count towards your honours degree classification. A deferral is likely to be more important for level 5 and 6 students where marks do count towards your honours degree classification.

If you choose to request a deferral, please contact your Student Support Officer in your Faculty within 5 days of your results being published. If you are unsure who your Support Officer is, please ask at your Faculty Helpdesk.

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