How do I access assignment feedback, marks and grades on Blackboard?

Any graded activity which you submit electronically through Blackboard (such as assignments, tests, marked blogs and wikis etc.) will be given provisional grades and feedback through the 'My Grades' area of your Blackboard sites. My Grades (sometimes referred to as the Student Gradebook, or Grade Centre) can be accessed from the left-hand menu of your site. On each site, you will see feedback and marks uploaded for assessment tasks completed in that module.

My Grades

Under 'My Grades', you should see a different row for each assessment in that module. Each column will contain the assessment title and the grade you have been given. Any feedback given may be accessed either by clicking the 'view feedback' speech bubble next to the grade, or the name of the assessment. The row may also contain a Feedback Rubric which will show the marking criteria for the work.

Check 'My Grades' frequently to view updated grades and feedback, in order to continually monitor and review your progress. Ensure that each time you check 'My Grades' you click on the 'All' option to see the most up-to-date status of all assessments submitted, or grades and feedback provided, electronically. Your tutor should also tell you where to expect to receive grades and feedback for any pieces of work submitted physically, as these may also be provided through 'My Grades' (or alternatively in paper or verbal format).

I can't see My Grades

If you can access 'My Grades' but cannot see or access grades and feedback within it, but expect to, you should ask your tutor when and how you will receive this information. If you cannot see My Grades in your Blackboard site menu you need to contact your tutor who can make it visible.

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