What are Blackboard discussion boards?

When to use a discussion board

A discussion board within Blackboard is a tool which allows you to communicate with other students and your tutor(s) about different topics. The discussion board is navigated through different forums (which may be about a particular topic) and threads (different conversations about the topic). You can start a new thread, write or reply to posts in a thread, and quote others' texts within a reply. You can also search for posts, as well as attach files such as Word documents or photos to your posts.

Your tutor may wish to set up a discussion board to allow you to chat informally with your coursemates about aspects of a module, or to produce a more formal dialogue as part of a marked piece of work. If you have been asked by your tutor to engage with a discussion board, they should let you know where in the Blackboard site to find it - it may exist within a dedicated area found in the site menu, or within another content area such as Assessments.

Alternatively, if you are in a Group in your Blackboard site (either set up by a tutor or another student) you may be able to create your own discussion board to use with students and tutors.

Blackboard video explaining how to use the Discussion Boards

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