The Arts and Creative Media Technical Team

The Arts and Creative Media Technical Team

The Creative Media Technical team manage and support creative specialist facilities and equipment

image showing students working in printing, fashion and using creative machinery

The Fashion Centre

The Fashion Resource Centre, level 3, HPO

Telephone: 0114 225 3538

The Fashion Centre has a fully equipped workshop, a design studio, and a fashion store. We have some of the most up to date equipment for designing and producing garments.

There is a wide variety of industrial equipment, sewing machines, a digital embroidery machine, a computerised cutting bed, a digital fabric printer, a sublimation printer and an Assyst CAD plotter/pattern cutter.

Technical staff are based in the Fashion Resource Centre where basic haberdashery and fashion related items can be purchased.

Digital Design Centre

The Digital Design Centre, HPO, Level -1, Room 16.-1.14

Telephone: 0114 225 4241 / 0114 225 5150

The support desk coordinates the booking, issue and return of photographic and media equipment available in the SIA building.

Work submitted for printing via the SHU ZendTo / Print service can also be collected here during the usual opening times.

The Digital Design Centre staff are available to support and advise on a number of specialist resources based in the building. These include Fabric Printing, a Chromafoil system, Zund Digital CAD/CAM Precision Cutter, Programmable Electric Guillotine, Electric Paper Drill, Thermal Binder and Badge Making equipment.

The technical team can also give assistance and advice on using the wide range of Adobe design software available in the SIA Building.

Creative Media Centre

The Creative Media Centre, Harmer Building, Room 2308.

Telephone: 0114 225 2659

The Creative Media Support Desk coordinates the booking, issue and return of film, video, photographic and media equipment.

The Creative Media Technical Team provides specialist support to the media and studio facilities associated with the Creative Media Centre including photography, film, VR, sound/video edit suites, performance/film/photography and large format printing.

Cantor Media Centre

The Cantor Media Centre, Cantor Building, Room 9213. 

Telephone: 0114 225 6856

The Cantor Media Support Desk is a sister site to the Creative Media Centre and coordinates the booking, issue and return of film, video, photographic and media equipment.

The Cantor Technical Team provide specialist support to media equipment and facilities associated with the Cantor Media Centre including the TV and Radio studios and video edit suites.

Printmaking Centre

The Printmaking Centre, Sia Building, Courtyard

The Printmaking Centre is a fully equipped printmaking workshop where staff are able to support a range of traditional and contemporary printmaking practices. In Screen Print we have four screen beds, exposure unit and washout booth. 

We have a small digital suite for designing and printing positives for the photo-based processes that we support. We have specialist equipment for Relief and Intaglio processes including copper plate etching facilities and letterpress (type and proofing press). We can support other processes including cyanotype, embossing and bookbinding. In our paper store, we stock a range of papers for printing as well as materials and tools for the processes that we support.

Digital Workshops

Sheaf Building 16.-1.05/ 16.-1.06 HPO & 4L16/ 4L17 

Telephone: 0114 225 5998

This cross-site facility includes laser cutters, rapid prototyping/ 3D printers and CNC routers, for use on a wide variety of materials. Also available are vinyl cutters. Technicians are available to help with using all these processes. The laser cutters are student-operated, whilst the rapid prototype machines and routers are technician-led, with files brought in ready to print or cut.

Norfolk Resource Centre

The Norfolk Media Centre, Norfolk Building, Room 2308.

Telephone: 0114 225 5835 / 0114 225 6397

The Norfolk Media Centre coordinates the booking, issue and return of video, photographic, architectural and media equipment.  The technical team also support field trips and support the production and output of large format digital print and/or scans. 

Charles Street Resource Centre

The Creative Media Centre, Harmer Building, Room 2308. 

Telephone: 0114 225 5953 / 0114 225 3554

The Charles Street Resource Centre co-ordinates the booking, issue and return of equipment and materials that will enhance the delivery of teaching. The Technical team also prepares spaces for taught sessions that replicate an authentic teaching experience.

THE CAD Support Team

Sheaf Building, level 2, Room 4214

Telephone: 0114 225 3885

The Technical team are here to support and advise on a wide range of software including Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacture, Finite Element Analysis, Computation Fluid Dynamics.

The Imaging Team

Robert Winston Building, Room 306

The Imaging Team primarily supports academic delivery by filming medical scenarios but is also available to film talking heads, group discussions and interviews. The technical team also provide equipment and support for filming including ideas on direction, post-production and advice on the delivery options available.

The Imaging Team coordinates the booking, issue and return of Media Equipment and will provide guidance or assistance with the filming if required.

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