How can I book a classroom?

Students can now book classrooms across both campuses. For library rooms, please see ‘How do I book a PC or study space?’.

For all other rooms see below:

Booking rooms on campus

Resource Booker ( allows you to book rooms with a capacity of 15 people or less, across City and Collegiate Campuses. Rooms are available for booking between 9am and 8pm, up to 8 weeks in advance. There will be some periods when rooms cannot be booked as the official class timetable will need to be created (e.g. you won't be able to book from early September to early October). Information about equipment in each room is available in the system.

You can book a maximum of 4 hours worth of rooms each week.

When booking a room, you are responsible for:

  • Cancelling the room if you no longer need it so others can book (this can be done at short notice).
  • Ensuring attendees are aware of the location of fire exits.
  • Ensuring attendees behave responsibly.
  • Complying with the Freedom of Speech Code of Practice.

When using a room you must not:

  • Exceed the maximum capacity of the room.
  • Remove any furniture from the room.

Need help?

Please refer to the screencast below in the first instance.

If you still need help, call the Space Resource Management Team on 0114 225 3908 or submit feedback via email They will be happy to talk you though using the system. If you have special requirements, the Space Resource Management team will be happy to offer advice.

Contact IT Help

For further assistance, please contact IT Help.