Guide to room numbers

City Campus

Room numbers help you identify the building, floor and room easily.

In the example (right), the room number 9202 is in Cantor (Building 9), Floor 2, Room 02. Hence, 9202.

Some buildings or floors within buildings are accessed from other areas of the university. For instance, Howard, Norfolk and Surrey buildings are accessed mainly through the Atrium. The same goes for certain floors of City Campus' largest building, Owen.

Here is a list of the buildings within City Campus together with their numerical designations:

  • 2 Harmer
  • 3 Eric Mensforth (EMB)
  • 4 Sheaf
  • 5 Howard / Surrey
  • 6 Adsetts
  • 7 Stoddart
  • 9 Cantor
  • 10 Arundel
  • 11 Oneleven
  • 12¬†Charles Street
  • 16 Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA)

Owen & Norfolk buildings do not have building numbers; these rooms are numbered according to the floor and room number. For instance Owen 222 is Floor 2, room 22.

Collegiate Crescent Campus

Collegiate buildings are numbered slightly differently, using alphabetical prefixes as follows. Buildings are numbered using the same principle as City Campus. So F508 is Robert Winston Building, floor 5, room 08.

  • A Collegiate Hall
  • B Saunders Building
  • C Library
  • D Main Building
  • F Robert Winston Building
  • G Woodville
  • HC Heart of the Campus
  • N The Mews
  • R Willow Court
  • S Chestnut Court

Other locations, for no logical reason that we can fathom, start with the building name, for instance Southbourne 201 is in the Southbourne building, floor 2, room 1.

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