Financial Difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, having problems with your student loan or would like help managing your finances, the Student Funding Team may be able to help you. Contact Hallam Help to let us know about your situation, we will then advise you on what best to do next. We may refer you one of our financial support schemes, offer you an appointment or refer you to the appropriate University team or external service.


Hallam Hardship Fund

The Hallam Hardship Fund provides financial support to students who are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties. It is available for one-off payments to students in financial crisis that might impact on your participation at University. The fund is strictly limited, and awards are subject to available funds. There is no automatic entitlement to an award and all applications are considered on their individual merits.

If you submit an application the support we offer may not always be financial. Depending on your circumstances we may offer you an appointment with one of our advisers to ensure you have applied for all other funding you are eligible for and provide you with suggestions and possible solutions which may help.

 International students must not apply for the Hallam Hardship Fund, a separate International Emergency Fund is available for international students.

How to apply

Before applying you must read the guidance document and the guidance on providing bank statements.


Hallam Hardship Fund Application Form


Emergency Vouchers

Emergency vouchers are available to provide temporary assistance if you have an immediate financial crisis. If you are unable to afford food, toiletries or other personal/essential items and have no other alternatives, you can submit a request for a £30 Tesco voucher.

Your request will be considered by the Student Funding Team. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and will aim for this to be within the same or next working day (8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday), to either issue a voucher, gather more information about your situation and/or offer alternative support.

There is no guarantee that a voucher will be issued if you request one, there is no cash alternative and unfortunately we cannot offer vouchers for any other supermarket.

If your request is approved, we will send you a voucher code using your Hallam email address. You will then need to activate the voucher before using it. Please note that these vouchers can only be used in-person at a Tesco store, they cannot be used at Tesco's online store or at Tesco petrol stations.

Emergency vouchers should not be seen as a long-term solution to financial difficulties and repeated requests for vouchers are likely to be refused.

How to apply

Before submitting a request, you must read the guidance on providing bank statements.


Emergency Voucher Request Form 


International Emergency Fund

International students experiencing financial hardship due to an emergency or a significant, unexpected, and unforeseen change in your circumstances, may be eligible for a loan or grant from the International Emergency Fund. Please note that strict rules apply and students with tuition fee debt are not eligible to apply.

How to apply

Visit the international financial support page for the guidance document and application form link.


Exceptional Support Fund - NHS Students Only

The Exceptional Support Fund (ESF) is one of the elements available to eligible students studying certain health courses as part of the NHS Learning Support Fund. It is for students experiencing unforeseen financial hardship during their studies, who have exhausted all other means of funding.

You must have applied to the Hallam Hardship Fund (HHF) and all other relevant funding before applying for the ESF. 

Regardless as to the outcome of your HHF application, you can still apply for ESF.

As part of the ESF application form, the University must complete a section for you and countersign the form. Please note we are not able to do this in person.

To apply for the ESF:

  • Submit a Hallam Hardship Fund application
  • You must wait until you receive the outcome of your HHF application before applying for ESF - although you can start to fill in your ESF form and gather your supporting evidence
  • Log in to your NHS Learning Support Fund account
  • Download and save the ESF application form to a PC/laptop
  • The application form is a PDF document - it has been optimised so that it can be filled in on a PC/laptop without the need to print it off
  • Fill in all the required and relevant sections
  • Save the PDF file and email a copy to - you do not need to send us your supporting evidence
  • The Student Funding Team will complete the relevant sections and countersign the form - we will then email it to the NHSBSA
  • You must then also email your application form and all supporting evidence to
  • Alternatively, you can print your form and post it along with your supporting evidence to: NHS Learning Support Fund (ESF), Student Services, Hesketh House, 200-220 Broadway, Fleetwood, Lancashire, FY7 8SS - ensure to post it by ‘tracked mail’ so that you have a record of it being sent
  • Do not worry that the form you send does not have the University sections completed or countersigned - we will have already emailed a copy, with our sections filled in, to the NHSBSA on your behalf
  • The NHSBSA will aim to contact you by email within 15 working days of receiving your application

If you have any questions about the university's part in this process, please contact Hallam Help. If you have any questions about the ESF form, the supporting evidence you need to supply or your eligibility, please contact the NHSBSA.



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