It is difficult to live off student loans without occasionally running into some debt, but it is important to understand potential implications and to know where to find help. 

Help and advice

University support services

External support and advice

There are several external organisations offering advice. It is best to avoid private debt management companies as they may provide free initial advice but then charge you depending on the outcome.

  • Talking Money provides free, independent, specialist money advice to individuals and their families. This includes debt, energy debt, benefits, and income maximisation advice
  • Step Change debt charity offers free debt advice that is based on a comprehensive assessment of your situation. They can provide practical help and support for however long it is needed
  • National Debtline provides free and independent debt advice over the phone and online
  • You can also contact your nearest Citizens’ Advice Bureau


  • A full list of available debt advice services can be found using MoneyHelper's debt advice locator
  • The snowball calculator tool can help you organise your debts to make more effective repayments
  • Reach out to the Samaritans for advice if debt is affecting your wellbeing

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