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Hallam Hardship Fund

Applications for the 2017-18 Academic Year will be open from 25th September 2017 until 15th June 2018, subject to funds being available. If you have any questions about the scheme please contact Student Support Services.

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The Hallam Hardship Fund is a means tested scheme designed to assist with one of two circumstances:

1) For returning students (pre-2017 starters) it can assist with Financial Hardship based on a means test up to £3000 as well as Exceptional Circumstances up to £1000 - these are circumstances of unforeseen financial emergency, such as risk of homelessness or court summons where there is an immediate need for funding.

2) For new students (2017 starters) it only helps with Exceptional Circumstances

Undergraduate and PGCE UK or home status students are eligible to apply for this, but special consideration is given to:

  • Students with dependent children (especially lone parents)
  • Students who are care leavers or from Foyer
  • Students with caring responsibilities (not dependent children)
  • Students in their final year, in financial difficulty
  • Disabled students
  • Students on high cost courses (see guidance notes for a full list)
  • Students on NHS/teacher training placements with high travel costs
  • Students who are estranged
  • Transgender students

How to apply

Please complete the application form on UniHub - you will need to login or register for a UniHub account using your SHU email / student number.

Following completion of your application you will be asked to complete our Money Skills Assessment. This is a mandatory element of the application process. Your answers in this assessment have no bearing on the outcome of your application; they are handled by two separate teams.

If you are successful in your application to the Hardship Fund, you will be required to engage with our Money Skills: The Cash Circus programme before your second instalment.

Further details will be sent to you following your completion of the Money Skills Assessment.

Apply for the Hallam Hardship Fund

Emergency Food voucher scheme

The Emergency Food voucher scheme is designed to provide temporary financial assistance to students if you are awaiting your first maintenance loan instalment from Student Finance England or have a short term financial crisis.

You must be a fully enrolled UK/home status student and have made an application to Student Finance England on time (by 3rd June 2017).

Assistance is in the form of food vouchers, no cash alternative is available.

You can only apply for this in person at Student Support Services, City Campus, Level 5, Owen Building.

Carer's Emergency Travel Fund

A discretionary fund to provide awards to student carers who need to travel home at short notice or in an emergency to assist someone they care for. UK travel only.

This is open to enrolled Home/UK students studying full-time at either Undergraduate or Postgraduate level.

You can be reimbursed for travel via the Hallam Hardship Fund (see above) – if you have an emergency and have to travel on the day you can be issued with emergency support - please come to Student Support Services.

The maximum award from this scheme in any one year will be £80.

If you think you should have been identified as a student carer but haven’t been then please contact Student Support Services.

Financial help for dependants

Full time undergraduate or PGCE UK / home status students can apply for addtional help (for example the Adult Dependent Grant, Childcare Grant, Parent Learning Allowance) from:

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