My loan payment hasn't arrived

This information is for Sheffield Hallam University students only. Please ensure you are contacting your own institution for advice.

The deadline for applying for SFE funding is 9 months after the start of the academic year. If your loan payment has not arrived please contact Student Finance England (SFE)*. Please remember to keep a detailed log of any interactions by completing the Enquiry log.

If you applied for your loan before the deadline dates, and the delay is no fault of your own, you may be considered for the University's Emergency Food voucher scheme.

* Depending on where you live, this could be Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland or SAAS


My payment timetable says University of Sheffield on it (or another HEI that is not Sheffield Hallam)

You will need to submit a CO1 form (available on to advise SFE you are attending Sheffield Hallam.  Your attendance will not have been confirmed because the electronic assessment will have been sent to the wrong university.  In the meantime, you should email a copy of your Payment Timetable to Student Systems and Records including your Student number in the subject line. This team will then confirm the attendance.

My payment timetable says I should receive my loan 5 days after enrolment but I haven't.

Loan payments are released by an attendance confirmation to the Student Loans Company (SLC). Attendance will be confirmed when you enrol in full and provided the SLC has asked us to confirm attendance (i.e. the University has received an electronic copy of the student's assessment).

  • If you have not enrolled in full and have a conditional enrolment status (e.g. ECQ, ECS, ECH etc.) attendance will not be confirmed. You will need to contact your Faculty to find out what you need to provide in order to become fully enrolled.
  • If you have not returned your signed Declaration to SFE, your assessment will not be sent to the University electronically, so attendance cannot be confirmed. The Declaration can usually be downloaded from your online account.  You should contact SFE if you would like to query this.

I applied months ago but I haven't heard anything back yet

This usually means the application is not yet approved.  You should check this by logging in to your account on SFE may still be waiting for supporting evidence from you.

The University still needs to confirm my attendance

Student Finance England will advise you of this for any loan delay query, and frequently there is more to it than this.

  • Follow the steps on My Student Record to narrow down the causes of the problem.
  • If attendance confirmation has been sent by the University, you should contact SFE to advise them when the attendance confirmation was sent and find out if anything else is causing a delay; e.g. missing or invalid bank details.

If you are fully enrolled and the SLC asked us to confirm attendance more than 2 working days ago, and it has not been sent, email quoting your Student number to check what is causing the delay.

I have changed my name - is this what is causing delay to my loan payment?

If the name or date of birth details on your financial assessment do not match those on your student record, your assessment may not have been matched to your student record correctly. This would mean that your attendance does not get confirmed. Please email quoting your Student number to check if this is the case.

I have received my loan but not my grant

This means that you have been assessed as non-means tested because your sponsors (usually parents) have not yet provided the necessary financial evidence in support of your application. You should contact Student Finance England (SFE) to find out what evidence is required.

I have received my grant but not my loan

Loan payments will not be released if you have not submitted your National Insurance number to SFE, or it has been submitted but has not yet passed the validation stage. You should contact SFE.


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