How much are my tuition fees?

  Date your course started Tuition fees for 2018/19 Placement year fee
Full time, UK/home status, undergraduate 2018/19 £9,250 £1,200 - fee is £1,850 but £650 is waived by the university
2017/18 £9,250 £1,850 - this is waived by the university
in or after Sept 2012/13 £9,000 £1,800 - this is waived by the university
before Sept 2012/13 £3,465 £780
International fee status/ Postgraduate/ Part Time / Distance Learning The tuition fee will vary depending on the course being studied and other criteria, such as the mode of attendance. The amount can be found on you admissions letter or by contacting the course administrator within the faculty.

If you are eligible for discounted tuition fees this will be confirmed to you before enrolment by the Admissions team. Contact the course administrator within your faculty if you have further questions about your eligibility.

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