Sheffield Hallam University bursary guidelines

General University requirements relating to all bursaries

Additional criteria

Each of the following provisions apply to all bursaries offered by the University, in addition to each of the bursary-specific criteria.

  • the University reserves the right to correct administrative errors which may result in you repaying any bursary paid to you in error
  • if your circumstances change during the year so that you no longer satisfy the eligibility criteria for a specific bursary (e.g. due to withdrawing/suspension from study), you will no longer be eligible and will not receive any further payment
  • the University reserves the right to withhold bursaries from students who are in debt to the University and from students who are found to have submitted false or fraudulent details as part of any bursary application*
  • any bursaries which are scheduled to be paid in the 2018/19 academic year must be paid by the end of that academic year, i.e. 31st July 2019. We are unable to make any retrospective payments.

*Cases of suspected fraud will be dealt with according to the University's Anti-Corruption Policy and Response Plan


Please note that students who defer entry to the University will be eligible for the bursaries that apply to their year of entry, not the bursaries that applied at the time of their original application to join the University.

Placement years on sandwich courses

The University's Bursaries are not paid during any work placement year of a sandwich course, as the requirement to be paying the full fee is not met.


The University will not reimburse any student for any bursary payments which are misappropriated as a result of details being obtained from the student through fraudulent activity.

Part-time study on a full-time course

If you have a special agreement or contract to study one year of a full time course over two years, please contact the Student Funding team via Hallam Help. Your case will be looked at on an individual basis, and you will be informed as to whether a bursary can be awarded. Please note that if you are repeating an academic year and paying less than the full fee due to academic reasons only, you will not qualify for any bursary payment.


If you are unsuccessful in applying for a bursary, you have the right to appeal provided you have valid grounds to do so.

The following are considered to be valid grounds for appeal:

  • There has been an error or irregularity in the assessment process
  • The decision was not in accordance with the approved eligibility criteria for the scholarship or bursary
  • The decision has taken insufficient account of the evidence you presented as part of your scholarship or bursary application (where applicable)

Please note that the following are not considered grounds for appeal:

  • Disagreement with the eligibility criteria for a particular scholarship or bursary
  • Not being aware of or applying in time for a bursary/scholarship
  • A change of circumstances (for some bursaries/scholarships this will have its own process)
  • Appealing the amount you have been awarded if successful

Appeals process

Appeals and related evidence should be submitted online via the Bursary and Scholarship Appeals Form. You will need to log into your UniHub account to access this. We will not accept appeals by any other means and we will not enter into any other communication regarding the appeal whilst it is pending. All decisions are final.

Deadlines for appeals

All appeals must be made within ten working days of a decision being communicated to you.

Our expectations

  • All students should be honest and transparent in any applications they make for financial support
  • All students should engage in a positive manner with support teams, in line with the Universities standards of acceptable behaviour
  • All students who wish to appeal a decision should present a clear and concise appeal statement, covering clearly the grounds on which they wish to appeal


If you are struggling with any aspect of your application for bursaries or scholarships please do get in contact with Student Support Services -

If you want assistance with an appeal please contact the Students' Union Advice Service on 0114 225 4148 or

If you find you are struggling to manage your money, get involved in Money Skills where you can learn all about managing your money more effectively