Student Success Scholarship

The Student Success Scholarship is designed to help you succeed at Sheffield Hallam. It is open to full and part time UK domiciled students who are recognised as having home fee status by Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland or Student Awards Agency Scotland and who meet the eligibility criteria.

The scholarship includes a series of financial awards for individual students, where eligible, from £200 up to £2,000.

The majority of students will receive a smaller award, only students who are in several priority groups will be considered for the largest award of £2,000. Students need to apply each academic year and can only receive the scholarship once per academic year.

This scholarship is subject to the general bursary guidelines.



You must have started a course of study at Sheffield Hallam University for the first time from September 2017 onwards and be paying £9,250 fees. If you started your studies before this time you may be eligible for other schemes which were in place at the time you began your course.

You will not be eligible to apply if you are receiving a government grant or bursary to study your course, such as a Teaching Training Bursary or NHS Training Grant.

Please use this table to determine if you might be eligible to apply for a financial award.

Household Income

Number of priority groups the student falls within


£0 - £42,875

0 - 10


£42,876 - £62,143

1 - 10


£42,876 - £62,143



Greater than £62,143



Care leavers

Students leaving local authority care and who meet the eligibility criteria, will receive the Care Leavers Package once they have applied to the Student Success Scholarship and have been confirmed as Care Leavers. The package includes a bursary of up to £1,500 for each taught year of study paying full fees. In addition, they receive an award from our Student Success Scholarship of £2,000.


Natural & Built Environment students

Thanks to generous donations from Europa Capital a limited number of students studying in the Department of Natural & Built Environment may be eligible to receive a small top-up to their Student Success Scholarship. Eligible students will be contacted directly and will be asked to submit a personal statement if they would like to apply for these extra funds. Applications can only be accepted during the first application period.

Applying for an additional payment does not affect entitlement to the main Student Success Scholarship. Payments are made on top of the Student Success Scholarship meaning that a student may receive more than the maximum of £2,000.


How to apply

Please read the guidance document and these frequently asked questions before applying. You will also find it easier to gather all the evidence you need before starting an application.

The application form can be found on the scholarships page in My Student Record

If you are unable to see the scholarships page, you may not be logged into My Student Record correctly. To fix this, logout of My Student Record, when logging back in you may be asked to select your course. The different options may look very similar, log in and out selecting a different option each time until you see the scholarships page. If you are still unable to see the scholarships page, it may mean that you are not fully enrolled in the current academic year or that you are not eligible to apply.


Can't see the link to apply

Visit the can't see the link to apply for the Student Success Scholarship page for information on common reasons why you may not be eligible.


When to apply

There are three application windows in which you can apply throughout the 2021/22 academic year for most students. You can apply more than once but you can only receive the scholarship once per academic year. This means, for example, if you have been awarded the scholarship during the first application window you will not be able to apply again until the next academic year.

Visit the what happens after the closing date page for information about what happens after an application window closes.

Academic year start date

Applications open

Applications close

Payment no later than

September 2021

7 September 2021

5pm on 29 October 2021

30 November 2021*

September 2021

6 December 2021

5pm on 28 January 2022

28 February 2022*

September 2021 or

March 2022

14 March 2022

5pm on 27 May 2022

30 June 2022*

*The payment date will be later if you do not provide your bank details when asked to do so.