How do I contact the International Experience Team?

We are a specialist team supporting the international experience of all students in Sheffield Hallam University:

We provide:

  • specialist advice and support for international students pre-arrival, on-arrival and on-course which includes welcoming services, social transition support and visa advice;
  • advice and guidance to all students planning to spend a period abroad for study, course related placement or work experience.
  • opportunities for all students to engage globally on campus through projects which develop their intercultural skills and global awareness. ​​
  • support for internationalisation through curriculum-based initiatives and extra-curricular projects

We offer the following appointments:

  • 10-min drop-in sessions available daily from 11am to 12pm and booked on the day.  
  • 30-min appointments for:
  • international students to discuss immigration questions or for visa application eligibility; working during study/post-graduation; financial difficulties and support available
  • refugee and asylum seeker students to discuss complex support issues resulting from their immigration status
  • exchange and study abroad students referred for specialist guidance
  • students preparing for a period abroad (GoGlobal) e.g. requiring assistance with Schengen visa applications

Book an appointment with an international experience adviser.

We promote opportunities for students to internationalise their experience at Sheffield Hallam University by engaging with their culturally-diverse peers, or by going on an exchange abroad. Please visit our GoGlobal pages for more information.

Throughout the academic year we also run an exciting programme of social activities and events for all students, such as our annual SHU Fest in March when the university comes to life with music, dance and art from across the globe.

Contact us

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SHU GoGlobal Instagram @shu_goglobal

Email us at

You can search many GoGlobal and International FAQs here and contact us through the Hallam Help portal here.

International Experience Team

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