The Sheffield Hallam GoGlobal Challenge 2018/19

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The GoGlobal Challenge recognises your hard work in developing your intercultural competencies and global outlook while studying at Sheffield Hallam University.

Completing the GoGlobal Challenge will help you develop skills and evidence that

  • you are able to engage with different values systems wherever you encounter them
  • you can communicate effectively across cultures, and in different cultural contexts
  • you have understanding of how your actions and those of others can have global implications

Please register for the Go Global Challenge. In order to complete it, you will have to:

2 Participate in a Cultural awareness workshop. Dates will be announced in Unihub from October 2018.
3 Attend at least two GoGlobal Challenge lectures delivered by Sheffield Hallam's leading academics and partners. Lectures will be announced in UniHub from October 2018.
Complete and submit a reflective journal in which you reflect on the global skills and knowledge you feel you have developed and how they will support your future ambitions, whether personally, professionally or for the good of society. You will receive detailed guidance about this step once you register for participation in the GoGlobal Challenge.

How to apply for the GoGlobal Challenge

To get started you need to register your interest in taking the GoGlobal Challenge. We will send you information about the steps you need to complete and further guidance about the reflective journal you will be required to submit. We will also notify you of any forthcoming events and opportunities which are part of the GoGlobal Challenge.

Further information

  • Only activities undertaken while studying in Sheffield Hallam University can count towards the GoGlobal Challenge
  • The workshops and lectures which count towards the GoGlobal Challenge will be listed in UniHub
  • You don't have to submit evidence for your participation in activities and events arranged by Sheffield Hallam University
  • With the exception of the period of international experience, which can be completed the year before, all other activities must be completed in the academic year you register for the GoGlobal Challenge
  • You can submit your GoGlobal Challenge reflective journal to be assessed for the Hallam Award. No extra work is required.

Deadline for submissions

The reflective journal and any supporting evidence must be submitted by 10th April 2019.

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