GoGlobal at SHU

Our GoGlobal initiatives give all students the chance to go global through projects on campus or in the local community. With students from 100 different countries studying on our campus situated in the heart of multicultural Sheffield, you don't have to travel far to engage in transformation intercultural exchanges. Students deepen their understanding of each other's cultures and experiences through engaging in meaningful interactions with people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Culture Connect mentoring

This intercultural peer mentoring scheme supports the development of professional employability skills as well as intercultural competence. You also gain eligibility for the Hallam Award which is recognised by employers.

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Volunteering in multicultural Sheffield

You can develop global skills and intercultural competence by getting involved in volunteering with multicultural community groups.

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GoGlobal events and projects

Join your international peers in social events, trips, extracurricular projects. You'll expand your horizons, make new friends, and potentially gain some life-changing experiences.

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