Your responsibilities as a Tier 4 student

ResponsibilitiesAs a Tier 4 student sponsored by Sheffield Hallam University, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) expects you to meet several requirements to ensure your permission to study in the UK remains valid. You must:

  • check your student email account regularly and respond to University emails promptly
  • keep your passport and visa up-to-date so that they do not expire during your stay
  • NEVER work more hours-per-week than your visa permissions allow; this includes paid work and any other voluntary/unpaid work

You must inform the UNIVERSITY if:

  • your contact details change - via My Student Record
  • you expect to be absent for any reason during term time
  • you obtain a new passport or visa - show it to your Faculty Helpdesk or Research Administrator, so that we can take a copy for our records
  • you change, or intend to change your immigration status (for example changing from Tier 4 (General) to another visa type) - inform your Faculty Helpdesk or Research Administrator

    You must register with the POLICE if:

    • your visa letter states that you must; if so, you must inform the Police within 7 days, if:
      • you change address
      • your immigration conditions change

    You must ENGAGE fully with:

    • Enrolment - bring your passport and visa to be scanned at the first enrolment for each course. In subsequent years, you must re-enrol online when you are invited by email
    • your studies - attend lectures, seminars and other taught sessions, submit coursework assignments and attend all required examinations and assessments.  Please note: failure to engage fully with your studies may lead to your withdrawal from your course. If this happens, the University will cease sponsorship of your visa and you must leave the UK
    • International Registration Events - you must attend as required throughout the year; you will be invited by email in advance of each event
    • monthly meetings with your Research Supervisor if you are studying a PhD/Doctorate course
    • your placement, if you are on a work placement as part of your course - the University will contact your employer each month to check that you are engaging as required

    Further details of Tier 4 student responsibilities and requirements can be found at:

    For visa/immigration queries, please email

    The University's responsibilities as your Tier 4 Visa Sponsor

    Under the terms of its Tier 4 Sponsor Licence, the University must:

    • ensure all international students have suitable permission to study with us
    • keep up-to-date copies of all international students' passports and visas
    • hold up-to-date contact details for all Tier 4 students including their home address, their
      term-time address, email address(es), telephone number(s) and mobile telephone number(s)
    • notify the UKVI of any Tier 4 student who:
      • fails to enrol
      • defers their start date to a later date
      • takes a break in study / temporarily withdraws from study
      • withdraws from study at their request
      • is excluded for financial or academic reasons, or
      • transfers from their course of study to a different course
    • inform the UKVI of changes to a Tier 4 student's circumstances, including;
      • details of course transfers
      • details of a work placement
      • if the student changes from Tier 4 to a different immigration category, and/or
      • if a Tier 4 student completes their course earlier than originally expected
    • monitor all Tier 4 students' engagement with their studies. This includes monitoring students' submission of coursework and reviewing their progress on their course of study.
    • withdraw any student who fails to satisfactorily engage with their studies and report them to the UKVI

    If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact your Faculty Helpdesk or your Research Administrator or email

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