Can I access Blackboard via my mobile phone or other mobile device?

You can access your Blackboard sites, and read and contribute to discussion boards from your tablet or mobile device via the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. You can do this from within SHUgo, or by downloading it separately from the App Store or Play.

The interface and navigation differs slightly from that which you will be familiar with, but the functionality remains more or less the same.

Blackboard appAugust 2017: New Blackboard appĀ 

Mobile Learn is now no longer available in app stores and support ends at the end of this month. You will continue to be able to use it for a time but please note that Blackboard cannot guarantee continued usability of the application. Apple has indicated that 32-bit apps, which Mobile Learn is, will not be supported on future versions of iOS. To ensure continued access to your module sites on your phone, we recommend you download the new Blackboard app, available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

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