Advertising on University computers

Screensavers are displayed on University PC screens in teaching and learning areas, as well as in some meeting rooms, to publicise activities and events. They are looked after by the Employee and Change Communications team, part of the University's Directorate of Corporate Affairs.

Please read this information before you make a request:

  • There are a limited number of slots available on the playlist and demand for this service means we can only display messages for a maximum of two weeks
  • You can request the relisting of screensavers
  • The Employee and Change Communications team will decide when the message will appear, based on timescales and the number of messages currently on screens
  • Screensavers are not site-specific and cannot be targeted to any one campus or building
  • Each message is displayed on screen for 10 seconds, so your message must be clear, to the point and readable in the allotted time
  • Screensavers advertising an event should be submitted at least one week in advance. We will not accept items sent the day before an event
  • Priority will be given to urgent information, such as planned service upgrades and upcoming dated events, over recurring events or events which are more than two months away

Formatting your screensaver

  • Screensavers must be .jpg format, 800x600 pixels in size and no larger than 150kb
  • Keep your information concise
  • Use a font size 16 point or above to ensure the text can be read
  • Use a plain sans-serif font such as Arial, Verdana, or Adobe Gothic
  • Use a 12-hour clock and am and pm (e.g. 10am - 5pm)
  • Check appropriate permissions for circulating the message have been sought
  • Use appropriate images/photography
  • SHU student associations/societies must be accredited and include the Student Union logo. Please email with a copy of the screensaver for approval

Plain SHU backgrounds and templates are available to download (right).  Screensavers can be produced using a graphic editor such as Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop or PowerPoint or through online design tools such as Canva.

To make a request

Send your request to ! DMD Screensavers.  We have the final decision on what will be displayed.  Screensavers must meet these guidelines or they will be returned for editing.

Content do's and don'ts

It is important to make sure the screensavers adhere to the guidelines.  As a charitable organisation, the University is subject to strict regulations regarding what we can and cannot promote.

Messages which can be displayed on the screens

  • University-sponsored events hosted on University premises and Students' Union events - Varsity, SU elections
  • SHU student associations/societies are allowed to advertise on the screensavers, but must be accredited and include the Student Union logo. Please email with a copy of the screensaver for approval
  • Registered charities can be included on the screensaver but must include the charity name and registration number (see Charity Commission website for further details)
  • Students wishing to promote academic work/research such as surveys must get permission, and include a confirmation email, from their tutor

We will not accept the following information

  • Commercial companies cannot advertise, or be advertised
  • Political parties/societies cannot advertise, or be advertised
  • The service is not available for private events
  • Animated slides

Finally, we reserve the right to refuse screensaver slides for reasons not listed above on a case-by-case basis.

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