What happens to my IT account after I leave?

After completing your course(s), access to IT services (such as login credentials, email, library services, etc.) will remain for approximately 3 months. Following this, your university accounts will be disabled. An exception to this rule is My Student Record, which will remain accessible for approximately 2 years. Please note that we cannot extend your access rights beyond 3 months for security and legal reasons.

If you are continuing your studies at Sheffield Hallam, your account will, in most cases , remain active but we advise you take the same steps regardless.

What to do before leaving university

It is your responsibility to make a copy (backup) of any files that you wish to keep or need in the future. Files include any assignments, projects, videos, audio and image files saved on a university computer.

Your backup copy can be saved on an online storage platform (such as Google Drive linked to a non-University account) or a storage device (external hard drive or USB stick).

You should copy or forward important emails you wish to keep to a safe non-University email account.

Make sure to change the email address of any accounts linked with your university email.

Please check the list below for guidance about specific services you may have used while at university:

University IT services

Actions you may wish to take

Personal network storage space (F: drive)

Please backup your files and folders into an online storage platform (such as Google Drive linked to a non-University account) or a storage device (external hard drive or USB stick).


Any assignments, marks/feedback and course content that you wish to save for future reference.

SHU Gmail

You should forward or transfer any emails you want to keep to a non-University email account.

Google Drive/ Apps

All files and folders created or shared in Google Drive will be deleted.

Please backup any files and folders you want to keep to a non-University Google account.

Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

If you have an education licensed MS Office installed, you will lose access to the software suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneDrive. All files saved or shared on OneDrive will be deleted; so ensure any files you want to keep are saved elsewhere, such as a storage device or an alternative cloud service.


You are entitled to a free Personal Pebble+ Alumni Account, please create one before leaving your course. You can transfer your PebblePad assets and continue to use Pebble+ to support your personal learning and professional development. This account will continue to be free for as long as Sheffield Hallam University licenses PebblePad and for three years after that.

Access to specialist software

Please check your license or ask a member of your Faculty for advice.

Library services

Before you leave, please check your Library record online for items checked out and return everything listed. Contact the library if you need help.

Continuing students

If you are moving on to further study on a new course with Sheffield Hallam, please note that you won't
retain access to the Blackboard sites that you've used on your current programme of study. Please make
sure you download any relevant materials that you might want to keep for future reference (submissions,
feedback, lecture slides etc).

You will temporarily lose access to your IT account whilst your record is progressed, but you can still
access your emails via the direct link: http://mail.my.shu.ac.uk during this time.

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