How much does it cost to print and photocopy?

Make sure your print account is in credit before you print or photocopy.


Size Type Price
A4 Black and white Single sided 4p
A4 Black and white Double sided 6p
A4 Black and white Acetate/Bring-your-own-paper 5p
A4 Black and white Pastel-shaded paper, Double-sided 8p
A3 Black and white Single Sided 7p
A3 Black and white Double Sided 10p
A4 Colour Single sided 10p
A4 Colour Double Sided 15p
A4 Colour Acetate/Bring-your-own-paper 12p
A3 Colour Single sided 15p
A3 Colour Double Sided 25p

Please note

Printers will automatically print on to both sides, unless you change the properties to 'Single-sided'. If you have been told by your lecturer to hand in your assignment single sided, you will therefore need to change the properties to 'Single-sided'.