What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a versatile digital platform that can be used for sharing and publishing content online or with a restricted number of users (such as other students on your course or your academic tutors). Pebblepad has many functionalities but at Sheffield Hallam it has been typically used to evidence work and competencies from placement, creating a portfolio of work or build an electronic CV. It can also be used to submit assignments and be marked by your assessor through ATLAS, which can be linked to the Blackboard My Grades feature. Pebblepad also has features to make a blog and can be linked to Google Drive and other cloud services.

There is a PebblePad app (called Pebble Pocket) that allows users to log evidence whilst on placement without needing an internet connection (and later uploading the content once internet access is available).

Benefits of PebblePad

Pebblepad is free for all students and staff at Sheffield Hallam, even after leaving Sheffield Hallam (see below).

Many students benefit from PebblePad by regularly creating records of learning and experience, from all contexts of life, with the aim of building a rich store of evidence. This evidence can then be used to support claims in job applications, professional portfolios, reporting of ongoing continued personal development (CPD) learning and supporting applications for registration.

Many templates

PebblePad has built-in templates for reflective work that can be accessed from the PebblePad Resource Store.

Both students and academic staff can create custom templates with the Template Builder. It gives you the ability to apply your own design as well as edit copies of the built-in PebblePad Templates to adapt them as required.

Simple to use

The user-friendly interface allows users to easily learn and use Pebblepad.

Upload multimedia content

You are able to record audio or video, upload documents, pictures or embed content from other social media platforms.

Accessing Pebblepad after leaving Sheffield Hallam

Some people choose to use PebblePad for their own purposes and many continue to use PebblePad after they have left Sheffield Hallam. In these contexts, PebblePad is also used to document learning and skill development and may be used for other things like reflection and journaling, project management, research documentation, and professional portfolios.

All students at Sheffield Hallam are entitled to a free Personal Pebble+ Alumni Account. This is provided so that you can take your PebblePad assets with you when you leave and continue to use Pebble+ to support your personal learning and professional development as you move on to the next stage of your career. You must convert your account to be an alumni account before you leave Sheffield Hallam, preferably towards the end of your studies.

You will have access to this Personal Account for free for as long as SHU licenses PebblePad and for three years after that. At this point you can choose to retain your Personal Account for a low annual fee. You will receive notification of this if a decision is required.

More information about PebblePad Alumni Account.