How do I print?


It is more expensive to print 1 or 3 page documents to the double sided printer. If you have been told by your lecturer to hand in your assignment single sided, you will need to make sure you change the print settings to 'Print One Sided'.

Make sure you have enough credit for the entire document to print. If you release your work without enough credit the job will not print but remain stored for 1 hour until you have enough credit to release again.

How you print your work varies slightly depending on where you are printing from. Follow our guidelines to ensure the perfect outcome every time:


Desktop computers in the libraries and PC rooms

Send your work to a printer

  1. Click File > Print from the program you are using, eg Word
  2. Select the printer you require from the dropdown menu, eg Black and White
  3. Check the rest of your settings, such as number of copies and double or single sided printing
  4. Click Print

The next steps differ slightly depending on whether you are printing in a library or a PC room:

Releasing the print job (Libraries)

  1. Locate your nearest All-in-One Printer
  2. Log in by placing your SHUcard on the red dot on the front of the printer, or by entering your student username and password on the keypad
  3. Press the Release option
  4. Select the job(s) you wish to print
  5. Press the blue Start button to start printing (Large documents and those with lots of images may take a few minutes to print)
  6. Collect your printouts from the side of the All-in-one printer
  7. Remember to logout when you have finished.

Releasing the print job (PC rooms)

  1. Click the Printer icon located in the bottom left near the Start button
  2. Log into your PaperCut account
  3. Click on Jobs pending release down the left hand side
  4. Click Print, located to the right of the jobs you wish to print
  5. Collect your printing from the printer

USB sticks (All-in-one printers only)

You can print via USB memory sticks using the all-in-one printers. So if you are in a rush or cannot find a PC to print from, head straight to the All-in-one printers to print your work. To use this feature:

  1. Log in by placing your SHU Card on the red dot on the front of the printer, or by entering your student username and password on the keypad
  2. Plug in your USB on the side of the keypad
  3. Wait for the userbox to open
  4. Select the relevant documents
  5. Press the blue start button
  6. Collect your prints from the side of the all-in-one printer
  7. Remember to logout when you have finished.


Wifi printing is available in the Owen building and Adsetts and Collegiate libraries. You can print from virtually any device with internet access using Web Print, although file type is currently limited to Excel, Word and PDF.

  1. Log in to your Papercut account from your shuspace dashboard via the My SHU tab
  2. Click on Web Print > Submit a job
  3. Select printer
  4. Click on print options and account settings
  5. Type in the number of copies
  6. Click upload document
  7. Click on upload from computer
  8. Click upload and complete
  9. Wait for the job to prepare
  10. When the job status says 'queued' you can go to the nearest student printer and swipe your card or log in
  11. Press Release, select your work and press the big blue button to print out.

If you wish to print onto your own paper/card/acetate, please refer to Can I print using my own media?

For more information please ask at a library Helpdesk.

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