What are shuspace and Blackboard?


shuspace is the University's student portal, through which you can access pretty much everything you'll need to know whilst at University. It's arranged by subject area into four tabs with sub categories of channels. The tabs are:

  • My SHU
  • Learning Essentials
  • University Life
  • Help & Support

You will see a set of channels on each tab when you first login to shuspace. They provide a short cut to content we think you will use most often. However, there is an awful lot more in shuspace than meets the eye; there is an excellent search facility to help you find answers to all sorts of questions, for example:

There is a 'browse all content' link in the footer, where you can view all the faq's, categorised by topic. You can navigate around similar topics via the "related topics" links at the bottom of each page. Some pages appear in more than one topic.


Blackboard is your virtual learning environment and essential to your studies. You access Blackboard through shuspace; your sites are displayed in the Blackboard sites channel on the My SHU tab. Almost all taught modules are supported by a Blackboard site, with separate organisation sites that support your course or programme of study, and some Hallam Union societies.

These sites contain information such as course handbooks, lecture slides and notes, staff details, reading lists and your grades, as well as tools such as assessments, discussion boards and blogs, depending on how your tutors have chosen to use them.

If you have any questions please contact us on shuspace@shu.ac.uk.

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