What are tabs and channels in shuspace?

No matter where you are in shuspace you will always see the Library Gateway and My Student Record up at the top right of the screen. There's also a search box on every tab, and down at the bottom there's a footer with links to things like Rules and Regulations and opening times (you can also find these via the search).

Channels are the boxes of information you can see on all of the tabs.

There are 4 tabs: My SHU, University Life, Learning Essentials and Help and Support.

  • My SHU is your main tab - it includes access to these key Uni services:
    • Dashboard (Email, Your Library Account, Google Drive, Print account, SHUcard top up and Office 365)
    • Blackboard sites
    • Timetables
    • Your Faculty Virtual Helpdesk - faculty specific information and support, such as contacts and module descriptors

The other three main tabs are:

  • University Life: everyday student life, from sport to finance, wellbeing to maps and guides
  • Learning Essentials: resources and information that directly support your learning
  • Help and support: how and where to get help in any area of your life or studies
If you are stuck, or can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with the shuspace team - we will get back to you really quickly.
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