My work isn't printing - what do I do?


Always check your PC screen after you have sent a print job. Pop up messages are in place to inform you if there is a problem with your file size or file type.

If your work still won't print, go to one of the Helpdesks or call IT Help on 0114 225 3333.

There are two steps to printing your work on campus. First, send your file to a printer, then release the print job. If your work isn't printing, check the following:

  • Have you credited your account? Your work will not print if you do not have enough money on your printing account.
  • Have you released the print job?
    • All-in-one printing - login in at one of the all-in-one printers and select the release option
    • In a PC room - login to your print account from your Dashboard and select print
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