What languages can I study?

Language courses are available from beginner to advanced level to anyone who wishes to develop and improve their competence in a foreign language. You can study:

Language Stages
French - download leaflet 1 - 6
German - download leaflet 1 - 6
Italian - download leaflet 1,2,3
Japanese - download leaflet 1,2
Mandarin Chinese - download leaflet 1,2
Portuguese 1
Spanish - download leaflet 1 - 6
NEW Catalan - download leaflet 1

We offer weekly two-hour classes from October to May in our language laboratories and multimedia self-access centre. Our language modules are taught by experienced teachers and classes are supported by language assistants in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

You can also study a language option as part of your course. The University Language Scheme offers a wide range of languages, which can be studied at six different levels, allowing you to enrol at a stage suited to your competence.

Please contact the ULS on uls@shu.ac.uk or 0114 225 2222

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