The University Language Scheme

Studying a foreign language at Sheffield Hallam University

A number of undergraduate courses provide the opportunity for students to study a foreign language as an elective module as part of their course.  Where this is the case students will be able to confirm that they would like to study a language through the University's elective module selection process, which runs in March for returning students and September for new students.

Please speak to your course leader if you have any questions about studying a language as part of your course.

Studying a language for additional credit

The University Language Scheme also provides the opportunity for students to study a language alongside their course for addtional credit at a reduced fee.

Please note:  places are limited and therefore subject to availability.  There may also be occasions when it is not possible to study a foreign language alongside your course due to timetabling contraints.

What languages are available to study?

French (stages one to six)

German (stages one to six)

Spanish (stages one to six)

Italian (stages one to three)

Chinese (stages one and two)

Modules are 20 credits and taught over two semesters following the standard UG teaching calendar.

If, as part of your degree you are completing a semester aboard it may be feasible to do a semester 1 10 credit version of the module.

For an overview of module content and assessment, please access the language module descriptors via My Student Record.


How are languages timetabled?

Students who successfullly secure a place to study a language for additional credit will be timetabled with students who are studying a language as part of their course and/or students who are studying Language courses.  Sessions will be timetabled around the course timetable.

Entry Qualifications:

The information below outlines the experience and qualifications required for each different language stage.  Any previous qualifications, experience and learning determine the appropriate stage for you.

Stage one - beginners with no previous knowledge of the language
Stage two GCSE grade 4/5/C in the last THREE years / SHU ULS stage 1 PASS (or equivalent)
Stage three GCSE grade 6-9/B-A* in the last THREE years / AS level pass / A level pass at grade E / A level study but no pass grade / SHU ULS stage 2 pass (or equivalent)
Stage four A level pass grade D or higher / SHU ULS stage 3 pass (or equivalent)
Stage five A level pass (or equivalent) plus one year of formal study
Stage six A level pass (or equivalent) plus two years of formal study or a substantial overseas placement for a minimum of three months

You can access information on the Common European Framework by seaching Unviersity Langauge Scheme on My Hallam.


Language modules are 20 credits and taught over 2 semesters.  The fee for studying a language module is:

Home £525 / Overseas £1435

Expression of interests

If you would like to express an interest in studying a language, please complete the expression of interest form below and we will send you a reminder email prior to the application window opening.

Expression of Interest Form

How and when to apply

The window for applying to study a language for additional credit will open on TBC.  You can apply during this time even if you haven't submitted a prior expression of interest.


Confirmation of places

If you are successful in securing a place we will confirm this in writing via email by TBC.  We will aim for sessions to be added to your timetable for the start of teaching on TBC.  If we are unable to do this, we will provide you with session details for the first week of teaching.

Contact details for enquiries

If you have any questions regarding the information on this page please email, who will aim to respond to your email within three working days. 

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