How do I open electronic files received via the Document Supply Service?

All articles from the British Library will be sent to you via DRM Lite. This is an electronic delivery method used by the British Library to supply secure encrypted documents, which are locked to a user rather than a device, meaning it can be viewed anywhere on any device (including smartphones and tablets) with internet access.

What software is required in order to receive DRM Lite articles?

To receive DRM Lite articles, you will need Adobe Reader version 10 or above. If your web browser has a built in pdf viewer then you will need to temporarily disable this to allow the document to open directly into Adobe Reader.

How do I open my document?

When you receive your first article from the British Library (via email), you will need to register by clicking register for on demand on the download page. Follow the instructions, which include activating your account. Please note that it can take up to 5 minutes for a new registration to be updated. It will prompt you to create a username and password. You will use this username and password to open all future email documents from the British Library.

How do I create my British Library On Demand username and password?

Your username and password can be anything of your choice. The only restriction is the use of '@' symbol within your username. This symbol can cause documents to fail to open, so please avoid using it. If you already have '@' in your username, please contact the British Library Customer Services for advice.

What if I forget my British Library On Demand username and password?

If you have forgotten your username and password, you can request a reminder to be sent to your registered email address from the login link on the On Demand home page.

For how long can I access the document?

The article is not automatically saved and you must save it to a device when prompted by your browser or, click File > Save As in Adobe Reader. Once the document is saved, you will have access to it for 3 years from the date of supply, after which you will be locked out of the document permanently. If files are not saved, access to the link will expire after 30 days, and the item will need to be re-ordered.

How many times can I print the document?

We recommend that you print the article immediately after opening the link. You are allowed to make a single print copy. No further copies are allowed from this. No electronic copies can be made, and the text must not be cut and pasted, or altered in any way. When you open the document and click on print, the print box can sometimes be hidden behind the document. If you minimise the document, the print box should be there. Please make sure you have chosen the select all pages option when you come to print your document.

Can I forward the document to someone else?

Once the document has been downloaded by a user, only that On Demand user may access it. However, prior to it being downloaded, the link maybe forwarded to another email address.

Why won't my document download or open?

Is your device connected to the Internet? Online access is needed every time you open the document. Are you using Adobe Reader as your PDF viewer? If your browser's default PDF viewer is not Adobe Reader, you will need to disable it before documents can be read. Are you using a compatible version of Adobe Reader? Adobe Reader 10 or above is required on any device you use to view documents, including mobile devices.

I can't get Adobe Reader. What other options are there?

Unfortunately DRM Lite only works with Adobe Reader 10 or above, and documents will not open with any other pdf viewer.