How do I open electronic files received via the Document Supply Service?

How do I open an Secure Electronic Delivery  (SED) document from a library PC?

  • open a web browser on the PC . If you are using a Mac you are advised to use Firefox rather than Safari.
  • open the email from The British Library containing the SED link
  • open the 'click here' link
  • the document will open in Adobe using the FileOpen plug-in. If you are working off campus, you may need to install the plug-in - follow the on screen instructions.

What does FileOpen look like?

Please refer to the British Library FileOpen pages for information and sample images.

How long have I got to download the document?

Once you have received the link from The British Library, you have 30 days to download and print the article. After 30 days, the link will expire and cannot be accessed. Please get in touch with Sheffield Hallam Library's Document Supply Services Team with any problems within the 30 days so another link can be sent to you.

How many times can I access the document?

The link can only be accessed once, so do not click on the link if you don't intend to download the document. We recommend that you print the article immediately after opening the link. Only open the document when it is convenient for you to read and print it.

Can I print the article?

You are allowed to make a single print copy; no further copies are allowed from this. No electronic copies can be made, and the text must not be cut and pasted, or altered in any way. Take care that when selecting for print you have chosen the 'select all pages' button, otherwise you may find that only the first page of your document is printed.

When you open the document and click on 'print', the print box can sometimes be hidden behind the document. It can look like the print function isn’t working. If you minimise the document the print box should be there.

Can I save the article?

Due to licensing restrictions, you are not permitted to save any SED articles.

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