Coursework and exams

Schedules and timetables for all standard undergraduate courses

What to do if you are ill, or have an event which overlaps with the exam period.

You are required to present your SHUcard, which contains your student number, at all examinations to confirm your identity.

How to find your examination venues.

Exam do's and don'ts, plus a brief guide to what you can expect during a formal examination.

What you can, and can't, take into the examination venue.

If you have a learning contract in place by the published deadline the University should be able to accommodate your exam support arrangements. Unfortunately if your learning contract is published after this date it may not be possible to accommodate support arrangements.

Sheffield Hallam University requires students to sit their examinations at the University, but overseas exams can be arranged.

If you have any concerns about completing your coursework on time due to ill health or difficult personal circumstances you must speak to your SSA.

Guidelines for requesting another exam sit for disability-related reasons.

You may be asked to submit work through Blackboard, as a physical copy, or by post.

Turnitin is a database of academic sources, student papers and websites which your work can be checked against for signs of plagiarism. Any work you upload for assessment purposes may be put through this service.

Guidelines for negotiating extensions for disability-related reasons.

Guidance for students and proofreaders.

When you submit work through Turnitin you will receive an originality report, detailing how much of your work's content was matched with the resource database. Find out what this means.

How to access the feedback and marks for any assessments you have taken in Blackboard.

If you are experiencing difficulties which are having a significant impact on your ability to complete your assessments you may want to consider submitting a request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA).

How to appeal if there are circumstances which may have affected your performance which you did not communicate to the Assessment Board.

What to do if you have a medical condition or have been ill.

A list of the terminology used by the university.

An Academic Concern Meeting is held to discuss concerns over an item of coursework.

You have the right to appeal any decision reached by an Academic Conduct Panel or Cheating Allegation Panel, and request that the decision be reviewed.