Learn a language

How to choose a language as an additional option.

Find out more about the University Language Scheme (ULS) - what it offers, eligibility, fees and resources.

Language courses are available from beginner to advanced level to anyone who wishes to develop and improve their competence in a foreign language. We currently offer French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese or Chinese.

How to choose a language as an elective option.

Before signing up for a language you must make sure you check the timetable to ensure the classes fit into your main student timetable.

A breakdown of fees, depending on student type.

There are six different stages of study you can enrol at, depending on your level of competence.

The Language Centre is a vital hub for all students enrolled on language courses. It is run by the foreign language assistants and a team of final year students, and offers the latest in IT enabled language learning.

Non-native English speakers have access to a wide range of classes focussing on the language skills needed for academic study, including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Some courses require a good level of a foreign language, while others may only require GCSE level...

Location and contact details of TESOL.

Sheffield Hallam students on certain courses can study abroad for a semester or a year.