Student surveys

Whilst you are studying at Sheffield Hallam University you will be asked to take part in a number of surveys of your experience. The University realises that your time is valuable and works hard to try and avoid over-surveying, so we are currently monitoring which surveys are being carried out and reducing the amount of large scale surveys we ask you to do.

Which survey will I complete?

What happens to the results of student surveys?

The data you provide through internal and external student surveys makes a big difference to the university and is used in a number of ways:

  • to enable the University to identify what is working well for students and where there is room for improvement
  • to provide people outside the University (future students, careers advisers, employers) with an accurate picture of the student experience
  • to feed into the University's processes for improving quality that are reported to external Government bodies

All the information you provide is confidential and your responses will be anonymised before they are communicated to staff and students. Summary statistics and anonymous student comments may be used in external reporting and research publications.