Contacting your funding body

Contact details

Student Finance England
Tel: 0300 100 0607
Chat online Monday to Friday, 9-5pm

Students Awards Agency for Scotland
Tel: 0300 555 0505

Student Finance NI
Tel: 0300 100 0077

Student Finance Wales
Tel: 0300 200 4050

EU students
Tel: 0141 243 3570

Always try to ring at less busy times - very early or very late.

Student Finance / NHS (from September 2017)

If you have not received your funding we suggest you contact SFE, but consider the following first:

  • Log in to your SFE account, check any recent correspondence and make sure your details are up to date; if your course, income, family circumstances, address, name, or bank details change you must let Student Finance England know. Check your details now
  • Find out when your payments are due (You can also check the progress of your loan application on My Student Record (MSR).
  • Make sure you check your course details and course year on your cover letter, payment breakdown, and payment timetable. If they are wrong, see above to change your details.  The year of your course can be changed online before you enrol.  If you leave it until after you enrol, you will need to contact Student Finance England to change your application, and if necessary, fill out a Tuition Fee Loan Request Form (please note this can take up to 6 weeks or more)
  • If your household income has dropped by at least 15% (or by £1,000 if you're a part-time student) your parent/guardian can provide their most up-to-date financial information by completing a 'Current year income assessment (CY1) form’. When completing a CYI form parents must also give their 2012-13 tax year information as part of the application.

Confirmation of attendance

Student Finance England may inform you that the University still needs to confirm your attendance. Follow the steps on My Student Record to narrow down the cause(s) of the problem. 

  • If attendance confirmation has been sent by the University, you should contact SFE to advise them when this was and find out if anything else is causing a delay, such as missing or invalid bank details.
  • If you are fully enrolled and the SLC asked us to confirm attendance more than 2 working days ago, and it has not been sent, contact Student Funding and Money Skills.

Remember to keep a log of any conversations with Student Finance England so that Student Funding and Money Skills can refer to them if necessary.

NHS (pre-September 2017)

Contact details

Tel: 0300 330 1345 (Please note that this number is charged at the local rate, and mobile charges may vary) or 0191 279 0570.

Use the Customer contact services enquiry form - Please include your SBA reference number (if you have one), full name, date of birth and address including postcode.

Callback service - send your name and telephone number by text to 07860 033 056 or email to (including ‘call back request’ in the subject line).

Tips for checking the progress of your student funding

  • Check your online BOSS account regularly for correspondence. Make sure your details are up to date.
  • Log in to your BOSS account online to find out when you'll get your payments, or view copies of e-mails that have been sent to you by NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA).
  • If you have forgotten your login ID or password, you can request a reminder online. Your login details will be sent to you immediately by email.
  • Check the progress of your maintenance loan payments from Student Finance England (SFE) on My Student Record (MSR).

Tips for receiving your student funding on time

Get your student funding renewed by the deadline dates for 2017.  These dates will published in advance on the NHS website at  new students have separate deadlines to returning students.

  • Send all the relevant documents that are necessary for an assessment, along with your student coversheet. Details of these will have been sent to you via e-mail. You can view this email on your BOSS account.
  • Take photocopies of the documents you are sending.  Make sure the postage is correct. If you are sending important documents it is strongly recommended to use Recorded Delivery - keep the tracking number.
  • Make sure your correct National Insurance No is submitted (if not, your reduced loan from SFE will not be released).
  • Make sure your financial sponsors, e.g. your parents, submit the necessary financial evidence to support your application
  • Make sure you return your signed Declaration to SFE (you can download this from your SFE account) to receive your reduced maintenance loan.
  • Watch the bursary guidance video for new students and avoid common mistakes that are made whilst applying here

What to do if your circumstances change

  • If your course, income, family circumstances, address, name, you have to let NHSBSA know.  You can complete a change of circumstances form through your BOSS account. There is a separate link in your account that allows you to change your bank details.
  • If your household income has dropped by 15% or more to the previous tax year's income, you  need to download the Current Income Reassessment form (PSM1 CI) which is a paper form at this link 

What to do if you think you have been wrongly assessed 

  • Make sure you check your course details and course year on your bursary entitlement letter and payment dates from NHSBSA.  If they are wrong, see above to change your circumstances.  Alternatively contact them on the above telephone numbers.

Confirmation of attendance

NHSBSA will advise you of this for any loan delay query, and frequently there is more to it than this.

  • Follow the steps on My Student Record to narrow down the causes of the problem.
  • NB - Once you are fully enrolled SHU will normally confirm your attendance within 2 working days and your overall status on your BOSS account will change to 'In Payment'. 
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