How much does it cost to study a language?

If the scheme is additional to your course, the fees for 2017/18 entry are:

Current Home and EU students Fees Instalments
Semester 1 £235 1 instalment (Nov)
Full year £465 2 instalments (Nov and Feb)
Current Overseas students
Semester 1 £680 100% prior to enrolment
Full year £1355 50% prior to enrolment, 50% in Feb
External clients (Home / EU)
Semester 1 £335 2 instalments (Nov and Feb)
Full year £660 4 instalments (Nov/Dec/Feb/April)
External clients (International)
Semester 1 £970 4 instalments (Nov/Dec/Feb/April)
Full year £1930 4 instalments (Nov/Dec/Feb/April)

Fees are separate from your course fees and can be paid in one or two installments (depending on the fee) prior to enrolling.

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