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The GoGlobal Fund supports Sheffield Hallam students taking part in:

  • study visits, field trips and other course-related opportunities abroad which are not fully funded by an academic programme and are at least five days long
  • Short-term opportunities abroad such as internships, volunteering or summer work abroad, which are at least two weeks long
  • Semester- or year-long study exchanges or work placements abroad which are not fully supported by other means

Students can receive GoGlobal funding once in an academic year. The award amount will depend on the individual circumstances of the opportunity proposed in the application, but is not likely to exceed £500 per student.

Who is eligible?

Enrolled full or part-time students with assigned home fee status are eligible to apply. The GoGlobal Fund is not open to students with international or EU fee status.

All students who meet these eligibility criteria can apply but you are more likely to receive funding if your household income is below £42,875 as assessed by your funding body, or you belong to a category of students who are considered as underrepresented in higher education:

  • Students who have disclosed a disability
  • Ethnic minority students
  • Care leavers or students estranged from family
  • Students with caring responsibilities
  • Transgender students
  • Students from neighbourhoods with low participation in HE

What activities are eligible in 2017/18?

  • Short periods of mobility Proposed activities must meet the minimum duration requirement and take place during the current academic year up until 24th September 2018
  • Longer periods of mobility Semester or year-long placements or study abroad exchanges which take place in the next academic year

The following costs can be covered by the award:

  • Accommodation and living costs abroad
  • International travel & visas
  • Additional insurance
  • Other related costs

Individual applications

Eligible students should apply via UniHub. You will be required to provide details about your proposed opportunity and the associated costs in a Project Details form. All applicants have to include a personal statement outlining why they want to undertake the international experience project and what the expected benefits are.

Funding decisions will be made by the Student Financial Support Panel and will be based on the eligibility criteria, the quality of the opportunity proposed and the potential impact on the participating student/s.

Deadline for individual student applications: 25th February, 22nd March, 26th April and 6th June (for projects taking place in Sem 1 of the next academic year).

Please note: Students who have been approved for study/placement exchanges abroad in Semester 2 of this academic year must apply by 15th December 2017.

Group applications

To support the development of peer-supported forms of mobility, and shorter term, flexible and impactful forms of mobility as part of academic programmes, the GoGlobal Fund will also consider group projects.

Student-led group projects Groups of up to six students, e.g. a student society, or a group of students who are taking part in the same project overseas. Applications from student groups should demonstrate robust organisation and planning and include:

Staff-led group projects Staff organising study tours/field trips/course related summer internships and other projects abroad limited to a specific programme area or to a defined category of students, can apply for funding from the GoGlobal Fund. Applications must be for new activities which are currently not offered, e.g. existing field trips offered as part of the course not eligible. Staff-led applications should include:

  • a description of the proposed activity and the anticipated benefits
  • a project details form approved by the faculty/directorate

In order to assess student eligibility appropriately, the group application will go through a two-stage approval process:

  • The group application is submitted via UniHub by the staff member or a student on behalf of the group. The panel will review the initial proposal and earmark an indicative number of awards for the group
  • Students included in the group submit individual applications via UniHub for funding from the GoGlobal Fund. Any grants are paid directly to the student if eligible for support.

Staff and student-led group applications will be reviewed on an ad hoc basis. However, any subsequent individual student applications must be submitted before the announced deadlines

Apply now

Terms and conditions

  • Any opportunity abroad funded by the GoGlobal Fund must be completed before 24th September 2018 with the exception of applications which include semester 1 or year-long mobility projects taking place in the next academic year.
  • Retrospective applications are not accepted. You cannot apply for a GoGlobal Award if you are already studying, working or volunteering abroad.
  • Unless you are taking part in a staff-led project, you are responsible for making all booking and travel arrangements. You must demonstrate that you have considered the most economical options.
  • In order to receive the GoGlobal funding, all successful applicants will be required to sign an award agreement and complete an online pre-departure briefing before travelling.
  • Upon your return, you will be required to submit brief report about your experience.  If you fail to do so, you will be required to repay the GoGlobal award in full.
  • You must keep any receipts associated with your project abroad. We reserve the right to request evidence that you have used the GoGlobal award as intended. If you fail to produce such evidence, you will be required to repay the GoGlobal award.
  • The GoGlobal Fund is subject to the Sheffield Hallam University Bursary Guidelines. Any unused GoGlobal funding should be repaid to the university.

Further guidance and information

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