Meningitis awareness

Preventing meningitis

We have some tips to help you protect yourself against meningitis while at uni. There are certain bacteria that teenagers and students are at more risk from – they are known as meningococcal (Men) A, B, C, W and Y. These bacteria can cause meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning) which can kill in just hours. Many of those that survive are left with life-changing after-effects.

Due to an increase in Men W in recent years, the Men ACWY vaccination has been introduced for all 17-18 year olds, and first year university students aged 19-25 to offer protection against this strain.

All students under the age of 25 will be offered the vaccine during fresher’s week. It is highly recommended that you attend and protect yourself.


MENINGITIS IS A LIFE THREATENING DISEASE. Get to know the symptoms now - it might help you and your friends later

Do not wait for a rash to appear before taking action. Not all these symptoms need to be present, and they may not develop at the same time.


All students should have been offered vaccination against meningitis groups A, C, W and Y either at school or by their GP. If you have not been vaccinated and you would like to be protected now, please contact Student Health at SHU or your own GP as soon as possible.

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