Health and Wellbeing

Links to key services to support you taking care of your health

Location and contact details of the two Health Centres and links to Student Health @ SHU.

Students are at particularly high risk of catching meningitis, so make sure you are aware of the risks.

You may experience distress or problems with your mental health during your time at SHU. Disabled Student Support and Student Wellbeing can support you in different ways.

It is easy to be overwhelmed at the beginning, or to feel homesick, especially if you are not used to doing things for yourself.

The University will take whatever action is appropriate and feasible against those who harass or bully.

Summary of support available to Hallam Alumni

Web information for students on the autism spectrum

How to cope in the current coronavirus situation

Holding page for uncompleted wellbeing self-help pages

Self-help resources and information from Student Wellbeing Service around Autism spectrum conditions.

Images and brief bios of student wellbeing staff to help students to familiarise themselves with the staff offering support.

Information for students and staff about the Inclusive Support Service

Information about what to expect from a Student Wellbeing Group Session.