Fees vary, depending on what type of student you are.

There are several different ways you can pay your fees, from online transfers to in person.

Check when your instalments are due.

If payment is not received by the date stipulated, you will become a debtor and recovery action will be initiated. You may lose access to IT facilities, and if we still receive no payment we will withdraw you from your course of study and may instigate formal external recovery action.

Tuition fee loans and how to get help if you can't afford your fees.

How to arrange for invoices and payment to be dealt with by your employer.

Everything you need to know about fees, loans and grants should you decide to leave your course.

Credit notes are issued by the Finance Directorate to notify you of a reduction in the amount that you owe to the University.

Location and contact details for the Finance Recovery Service.

A breakdown of fees, depending on student type.